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I hear more times than not when a new comer steps on to the market.. that the hardest part about online marketing is building the website.

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Almost 2 Years Since My Last Post!.. lol

Well I can’t make up for the last 2 years worth of ‘non-posting’…

…but I can do my best to work on it from here on! :)

So with that said.. what’s been up for the last 2 years? Take any vacations? Start new businesses? Move to a new home? Find true love? Have children!?

Wow, when you think about it — a lot can happen in 2 years!

To be honest, trying to think of all my experiences over the last 2 just seems like an unsortable task.. But I will say this:

I have learned a TON about online marketing in the last 2 years..! Now celebrating my 11th year selling online I can tell you the last couple years certainly hold the highlights to my story.

After spending a great deal of time teaching others in 2006 – 2011, I decided it was time to get back to real world internet marketing.. you know.. actually selling products/providing ‘real stuff’.. not: Selling someone else the dream…

… Don’t get me wrong – I love teaching.. I love 1 on 1 – doing videos.. showing others how to get website visitors.. etc. the whole deal. But the Make Money From Home / Business Opportunity niche is a hard cookie to keep afloat. and strangely enough.. its not because there is a shortage of consumers, or its hard to sell in the niche (biz opp is actually the easiest niche I have ever sold in) — The real reason I took a 2 year break from the niche?

Biz Opp is mentally taxing.

There it is.. I said it – its out on the table.

– Everyone in the niche is looking for some magic lotto ticket..

“I paid $37 and now im going to be rich..!”

A stray thought: I saw this poster when I was buying a car one time down in florida. It’s always stuck with me and I’d like to share it now.

A Dream exists because your subconscious is giving you the experience of something you will never have. A Goal exists because you have created actionable steps to get anything you want in life.

Does that make sense? When I read that it really hit home.. and I still believe to this day that anything can be achieved with a pen, paper and time/energy.

I like that.. almost like a math formula: pen + paper + energy = Accomplished Goal


“I paid $37 and now im going to be rich..!” — I mean no offense if you are currently going through this in your life right now.. Trust me, I am the biggest offender EVER of this: Hyper Consumption Lifestyle.. and it took a long time for me to understand, what I really needed was to: Get to work! – and stop dreaming about it.

To say the very least: “In a world where you can’t make everyone happy – Biz Opp customers are the unhappiest.”

The most hype, the highest merchant account fee’s.. the most refunds.. the most customer service needed.. etc.

…I’m not complaining — Looking back now 2 years later at the whole picture – I find myself really having enjoyed the biz opp niche. I miss it.

But that doesn’t change the fact that: Biz Opp = Selling the dream  … and sometimes.. you need a break.


Anyways – back to the whole point of this post..

Over the past 2 years I have come across some CRAZY online marketing methods..

I have created Empires in 12 different niches online.. from health food.. to video entertainment.. to Septic Products (seriously.. lol)

Right now I have sites that see 50+ million page views a month.. alexa rankings under 5k global and to be just blatantly honest.. the chedder is roollling in ($)

Yay.. ::golf clap:: …

… So with all that blabbed, I’ve learned some awesome stuff along the way.. NEW stuff!.. Cool stuff..!

You may or may not know — for the first 10 years of my online career I had followed the business model: Direct Response Marketing. These last couple years.. I discovered the holy grail of business models. And to be honest, I was going to create another online marketing product.. and put it up on clickbank.. do the launch thing.

But you know what.. I’m not. Call me lazy.. whatever.


What I am going to do however is, Post everything I need to show you, everything you deserve to know – Right Here on

I’ve always wanted to build this blog, I’ve always wanted it to be a massive resource for new internet marketers and to be frank, if it doesnt happen now – It may be another 2 years before I make another post to the blog.. haha.


So if your into this..  If you want to see what I’ve been up to these last 2 years.. How I’m currently making thousands of dollars online with damn near zero investment.. completely on autopilot (yes somethings had to come with me on my journey from biz opp.. and auto pilot income was one of them)

Then stick around & post me a “Heck Yea” comment below! And if you’re currently struggling with something online, Let me know – I’ll cover that topic too!

This is Aaron Cross reporting in for active duty! — And I wish you the most awesome day you’ve ever had!


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