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  1. Graham MacKenzie

    on 11th Jan, 12 03:01am


    (1) Contact information on does not have links
    (2) Your Ultimate IM Toolkit under Bonus Gift #1 – The link States “Membership site free video is no longer available?.

    Just trying to be helpful and advising you.

    I am a newbie in New Zealand and have not started to make money as yet. Thanks for your contact.

    Graham MacKenzie

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    • admin

      on 11th Jan, 12 03:01am

      Hey Graham,

      Thanks for the heads up! The blog here is being completely revamped.
      When I switched over to this new theme I decided to start fresh.. get
      some new content out for 2012!

      As you can tell.. Newbie School has claimed priority haha..

      I do know what your talking about with the membership not
      avail.. — saw that a couple weeks ago, forgot all about it.

      Thanks for reminding me!!

      All the best,
      – Aaron

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